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Property Management    Advertising & PR.    Consultant
Great Home Estate Co.,Ltd. Offers sales and marketing services to corporate investors and developers who want to establish property sales of residential, commercial and investment ventures. Our professionals will advise and assist the entrepreneur to achieve their objective through our resources and pool of marketing knowledge.
Great Home Estate Co.,Ltd. Is a full service property management company that is in the position to provide full services.
Feasibility studies


Design and development consultation


Marketing consultation


Marketing planning and support
Single sales point for sales and marketing
Optimizing and maintaining the sales process


Recommend innovative new services methods
Manage of the entire sales process
Planned marketing activities
Analysis and Feasibility Services.

Analysis and Development Department are professionals in marketing, project planning, product design, and analysis of customer vehavior, The Oobjective is :-

To realize the potential of each investment location and recommend a product that suits the location.


To help investor to create a product idea in order that such product will be suitable with a target customer behavior and match with the loan objective or to become an information for the further development project.
To realize the way to invest your money and get ROI at the specific time, also method or invenstment direction that suit with a possibility project.


The tendency of development that can be a step of each project development process,  To create readiness of the location, location planning or area that will bew developed in the future.

To provide data that based on hypothesis or and idea, to provide management with ideas in order to request for any bank loan or information for the next development project.


Scope of services.

 Feasibility study of location.
 Designing or product idea that suit with a location.
 Return on inventment by having such product idea by emphasize more on market possibility and sales.
 Analysis of product design, to meet mardet demand.
 Study customer behavior, analysis of economy in both macroeconomic and microeconomic, market competition in the spectific time.
Sales management services to create confidence to customer.
To show the idea of such project with sincerity, intention toward such project, to create confidence toward target customer.
To make customer trust and gain confidence with the construction team, sales team, management team of such project.
Advise on marketing schedule and budget.


Comment and recommend marketing strategy
          Project name and logo.
          Advertising Plan


          Brochure development


Public Relations


Press Release


 Advise on site sale office presentation, circulation and show units.
Our projects
The Pride Condominium in Hua Hin
European Thai House the single house in Pattaya
Center point - Sriracha the modern commercial building in Sriracha
Center point - Pattaya  the modern commercial building in South Pattaya
Vidapa Park  town home in Nontaburi
Piromsuk  town home in Bangkok
 Home 2 Home    We are agent property in Thailand. we managed advertising sales / buy properties in Bangkok , Nontaburi , Pratumtani , Pattaya , Phuket , and Hua Hin
with The brand of " Home2Home "
Great Home Estate Co.,Ltd. 
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